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These species of fish are on someones target list:

species dutch english nr of anglers
Abramis brama(fb) Brasem Freshwater bream 3 (who?)
Abudefduf luridus (fb) Blauwvin monniksvis Canary damsel  2 (who?)
Acantharchus pomotis(fb) Mud sunfish 1 (who?)
Acanthocybium solandri(fb) Wahoo Wahoo 2 (who?)
Acantholabrus palloni(fb) Geelkop lipvis Scale-rayed wrasse 3 (who?)
Acanthostracion quadricornis(fb) Scrawled cowfish 1 (who?)
Acanthurus sohal (fb) Sohal surgeonfish  1 (who?)
Acipenser baerii baerii(fb) Siberische steur Siberian sturgeon 4 (who?)
Acipenser fulvescens (fb) Gele steur Lake sturgeon  1 (who?)
Acipenser gueldenstaedtii(fb) Diamantsteur Danube sturgeon 6 (who?)
Acipenser medirostris (fb) Groene steur Green sturgeon  1 (who?)
Acipenser ruthenus(fb) Sterlet Sterlet sturgeon 5 (who?)
Acipenser sturio(fb) Atlantische steur Sturgeon 9 (who?)
Acipenser transmontanus (fb) Witte steur White sturgeon  5 (who?)
Agonus cataphractus(fb) Harnasmannetje Hooknose 7 (who?)
Albula vulpes(fb) Gratenvis Bonefish 1 (who?)
Alburnoides bipunctatus(fb) Gestippelde alver Schneider 5 (who?)
Alburnus alburnus(fb) Alver Bleak 3 (who?)
Alepisaurus ferox(fb) Long snouted lancetfish 1 (who?)
Alopias vulpinus(fb) Voshaai Thresher 6 (who?)
Alosa alosa(fb) Elft Allis shad 8 (who?)
Alosa fallax(fb) Fint Twaite shad 10 (who?)
Alosa mediocris(fb) Hickory shad 1 (who?)
Alosa sapidissima (fb) American shad  1 (who?)
Aluterus monoceros(fb) Unicorn leatherjacket filefish 1 (who?)
Amatitlania nigrofasciata(fb) Zebra cichlide Convict cichlid 1 (who?)
Ambloplites ariommus(fb) Shadow bass 1 (who?)
Ambloplites cavifrons(fb) Roanoke bass 1 (who?)
Ambloplites constellatus(fb) Ozark bass 1 (who?)
Amblygaster leiogaster (fb) Smoothbelly sardinella  1 (who?)
Amblyraja radiata(fb) Sterrog Starry ray 4 (who?)
Ameiurus catus(fb) Witte meerval White catfish 2 (who?)
Ameiurus melas(fb) Zwarte dwergmeerval Black bullhead 5 (who?)
Ameiurus natalis (fb) Gele dwergmeerval Yellow bullhead  1 (who?)
Ameiurus nebulosus(fb) Bruine dwergmeerval Brown bullhead 4 (who?)
Ameiurus platycephalus(fb) Flat bullhead 1 (who?)
Ameiurus serracanthus(fb) Spotted bullhead 1 (who?)
Amia calva (fb) Amia Bowfin  1 (who?)
Ammodytes marinus(fb) Noorse zandspiering Lesser sand-eel 2 (who?)
Ammodytes tobianus(fb) Zandspiering Small sandeel 10 (who?)
Anarhichas lupus(fb) Zeewolf Atlantic wolffish 9 (who?)
Anarhichas minor(fb) Gevlekte zeewolf Spotted wolffish 3 (who?)
Anguilla anguilla(fb) Aal European eel 6 (who?)
Anguilla bengalensis labiata(fb) African mottled eel 1 (who?)
Anguilla marmorata (fb) Giant mottled eel  1 (who?)
Anguilla mossambica(fb) African longfin eel 1 (who?)
Anguilla rostrata(fb) American eel 1 (who?)
Anoplogaster cornuta(fb) Common fangtooth 1 (who?)
Anoplopoma fimbria (fb) Sablefish  1 (who?)
Aphia minuta(fb) Glasgrondel Transparent goby 5 (who?)
Aphredoderus sayanus(fb) Pirate perch 1 (who?)
Apogon imberbis(fb) rode kardinaalsbaars Cardinal fish 2 (who?)
Arapaima gigas (fb) Arapaima Arapaima  2 (who?)
Archoplites interruptus(fb) Sacramento perch 1 (who?)
Argentina silus(fb) Greater argentine 1 (who?)
Argyrosomus regius(fb) Ombervis Meagre 4 (who?)
Arnoglossus laterna(fb) Schurftvis Mediterranean scaldfish 6 (who?)
Arripis trutta (fb) Australiche zalm Australian salmon  1 (who?)
Aspitrigla cuculus(fb) Engelse poon Red gurnard 5 (who?)
Aspius aspius(fb) Roofblei Asp 15 (who?)
Astatotilapia flaviijosephi(fb) 1 (who?)
Atherina boyeri(fb) Kleine koornaarvis Big-scale sand smelt 6 (who?)
Atherina presbyter(fb) Koornaarvis Sand smelt 3 (who?)
Atherinomorus stipes(fb) Hardhead silverside 1 (who?)
Atractoscion nobilis (fb) White weakfish  1 (who?)
Atractosteus spatula(fb) Alligator gar Alligator gar 2 (who?)
Atractosteus tristoechus(fb) Cuban gar 1 (who?)
Atractosteus tropicus(fb) Tropische kaaimansnoek Tropical gar 1 (who?)
Bagarius yarrelli (fb) Goonch Goonch 1 (who?)
Balistes capriscus(fb) Trekkervis Grey triggerfish 4 (who?)
Balistes vetula(fb) Queen triggerfish 1 (who?)
Ballerus sapa (fb) Donaubrasem White-eye bream  8 (who?)
Barbatula barbatula(fb) Bermpje Stone loach 11 (who?)
Barbus barbus(fb) Barbeel Barbel 14 (who?)
Barbus meridionalis(fb) Meditterane barbeel Mediterranean barbel 1 (who?)
Belone belone(fb) Geep Garfish 12 (who?)
Bembrops platyrhynchus (fb) Natal duckbill  1 (who?)
Blennius ocellaris(fb) Butterfly blenny 1 (who?)
Blicca bjoerkna(fb) Kolblei White bream 5 (who?)
Bodianus rufus(fb) Spanish hogfish 1 (who?)
Boops boops(fb) Bokvis Bogue 4 (who?)
Bothus podas(fb) Gevlekte dwergtarbot Wide-eyed flounder 1 (who?)
Brama brama(fb) Braam Atlantic pomfret 3 (who?)
Brosme brosme(fb) Lom Tusk 1 (who?)
Buenia jeffreysii(fb) Jeffrey's goby 1 (who?)
Buglossidium luteum(fb) Dwergtong Solenette 6 (who?)
Callionymus lyra(fb) Pitvis Dragonet 6 (who?)
Callionymus maculatus(fb) Gevlekte pitvis Spotted dragonet 3 (who?)
Callionymus reticulatus(fb) Rasterpitvis Reticulated dragonet 6 (who?)
Canthigaster capistrata(fb) Macaronesische spitssnuit kogelvis Macaronesian sharpnose-puffer 2 (who?)
Canthigaster jactator(fb) Hawaiian whitespotted toby 1 (who?)
Canthigaster rostrata(fb) Caribbean sharpnose-puffer 1 (who?)
Capros aper(fb) Evervis Boarfish 3 (who?)
Caranx hippos(fb) Jack crevalle Crevalle jack 1 (who?)
Caranx ignobilis (fb) reuzen trevally Giant trevally  1 (who?)
Caranx melampygus(fb) Blauwvin trevally Bluefin trevally 1 (who?)
Carassius auratus(fb) Goudvis Goldfish 5 (who?)
Carassius carassius(fb) Kroeskarper Crucian carp 11 (who?)
Carassius gibelio(fb) Giebel Prussian carp 7 (who?)
Carcharhinus brachyurus(fb) Koperhaai Copper shark 1 (who?)
Carcharhinus leucas(fb) Stierhaai Bull shark 1 (who?)
Carcharhinus limbatus(fb) Zwartpunthaai Blacktip shark 2 (who?)
Carcharhinus longimanus(fb) Oceanische witpunthaai Oceanic whitetip shark 1 (who?)
Carcharhinus plumbeus(fb) Sandbar shark 1 (who?)
Carcharodon carcharias(fb) Witte haai Great white shark 1 (who?)
Carpiodes cyprinus (fb) Quillback zuigkarper Quillback  1 (who?)
Catlocarpio siamensis (fb) Siamese reuzenkarper Giant barb  3 (who?)
Catostomus catostomus(fb) Longnose sucker 1 (who?)
Catostomus discobolus(fb) Bluehead sucker 1 (who?)
Catostomus discobolus discobolus(fb) Bluehead sucker 1 (who?)
Catostomus insignis(fb) Sonora sucker 1 (who?)
Catostomus latipinnis(fb) Flannelmouth sucker 2 (who?)
Catostomus macrocheilus (fb) Largescale sucker  1 (who?)
Centrolabrus exoletus(fb) Rots lipvis Rock cook 5 (who?)
Centrolabrus trutta(fb) Emerald wrasse  1 (who?)
Centrolophus niger(fb) Zwarte vis Rudderfish 3 (who?)
Cepola macrophthalma(fb) Rode lintvis Red bandfish 2 (who?)
Cetorhinus maximus(fb) Reuzenhaai Basking shark 2 (who?)
Channa marulia(fb) Grote snakhead Great snakehead 1 (who?)
Chelidonichthys lucerna(fb) Rode poon Tub gurnard 9 (who?)
Chelon labrosus(fb) Diklipharder Thicklip grey mullet 16 (who?)
Chimaera monstrosa(fb) Gewone draakvis Rabbit fish 1 (who?)
Chitala chitala (fb) Clown knifefish  1 (who?)
Chondrostoma nasus(fb) Sneep Common nase 9 (who?)
Chromis limbata(fb) Atlantische monniksvis Azores chromis 1 (who?)
Chrosomus eos (fb) Northern redbelly dace  1 (who?)
Chrosomus erythrogaster(fb) Southern redbelly dace 1 (who?)
Cichla ocellaris(fb) Pauwoogbaars Peacock cichlid 2 (who?)
Ciliata mustela(fb) Vijfdradige meun Fivebeard rockling 8 (who?)
Ciliata septentrionalis(fb) Noorse meun Northern rockling 4 (who?)
Citharichthys sordidus (fb) Pacific sanddab  1 (who?)
Clarias gariepinus(fb) Afrikaanse meerval North African catfish 5 (who?)
Clupea harengus(fb) Haring Atlantic herring 5 (who?)
Clupea harengus membras(fb) Baltische haring Baltic herring 1 (who?)
Cobitis taenia(fb) Kleine modderkruiper Spined loach 10 (who?)
Conger conger(fb) Congeraal European conger 10 (who?)
Coregonus albula(fb) Kleine marene Vendace 8 (who?)
Coregonus clupeaformis(fb) Marene Lake whitefish 5 (who?)
Coregonus lavaretus(fb) Grote marene European whitefish 6 (who?)
Coregonus maraena (fb) Deense houting Maraena whitefish  2 (who?)
Coregonus oxyrinchus(fb) Houting Houting 12 (who?)
Coris julis(fb) Regenbooglipvis Mediterranean rainbow wrasse 2 (who?)
Coryphaena hippurus(fb) Goudmakreel Common dolphinfish 1 (who?)
Cottunculus microps(fb) Polaire donderpad Polar sculpin 4 (who?)
Cottus gobio(fb) Oost-Europese rivierdonderpad Bullhead 5 (who?)
Cottus perifretum(fb) Rivierdonderpad Bullhead 8 (who?)
Cottus rhenanus (fb) Beekdonderpad Rhine sculpin 3 (who?)
Cromileptes altivelis (fb) Humpback grouper  1 (who?)
Crystallogobius linearis(fb) Kristalgrondel Crystal goby 5 (who?)
Ctenolabrus rupestris(fb) Kliplipvis Goldsinny-wrasse 5 (who?)
Ctenopharyngodon idella(fb) Graskarper Grass carp 20 (who?)
Cycleptus elongatus(fb) Blue sucker 1 (who?)
Cycleptus meridionalis(fb) southeastern blue sucker 1 (who?)
Cyclopterus lumpus(fb) Snotolf Lumpfish 11 (who?)
Cyprinus carpio(fb) Karper Common carp 9 (who?)
Dalatias licha(fb) Valse doornhaai Kitefin shark 2 (who?)
Dasyatis pastinaca(fb) Pijlstaartrog Common stingray 11 (who?)
Dentex dentex(fb) Common dentex 1 (who?)
Dentex gibbosus(fb) Pink dentex 1 (who?)
Dicentrarchus labrax(fb) Zeebaars European seabass 6 (who?)
Dicentrarchus punctatus(fb) Gevlekte zeebaars Spotted seabass 2 (who?)
Diplodus annularis(fb) goudstreep zeebrasem Annular seabream 2 (who?)
Diplodus cervinus cervinus(fb) Zebra seabream 1 (who?)
Diplodus puntazzo(fb) Sharpsnout seabream 1 (who?)
Diplodus sargus cadenati(fb) Moroccan white seabream 1 (who?)
Diplodus sargus sargus(fb) Bandzeebrasem White seabream 1 (who?)
Diplodus vulgaris(fb) Gewone zeebrasem Common two-banded seabream 2 (who?)
Dipturus batis(fb) Vleet Blue skate 7 (who?)
Echiichthys vipera(fb) Kleine pieterman Lesser weever 10 (who?)
Echinorhinus brucus(fb) Braamhaai Bramble shark 2 (who?)
Echiodon drummondii(fb) Parelvis Pearlfish 3 (who?)
Elagatis bipinnulata(fb) Regenboogstekelmakreel Rainbow runner 1 (who?)
Elassoma evergladei(fb) Everglades pygmy sunfish 1 (who?)
Elassoma okatie(fb) Bluebarred pygmy sunfish 1 (who?)
Elassoma zonatum(fb) Banded pygmy sunfish 1 (who?)
Elopichthys bambusa (fb) Yellowcheek  1 (who?)
Embiotoca lateralis (fb) Striped seaperch  1 (who?)
Enchelyopus cimbrius(fb) Vierdradige meun Fourbeard rockling 5 (who?)
Engraulis encrasicolus(fb) Ansjovis European anchovy 12 (who?)
Enneacanthus gloriosus(fb) Bluespotted sunfish 1 (who?)
Entelurus aequoreus(fb) Adderzeenaald Snake pipefish 4 (who?)
Ephippion guttifer(fb) Prickly puffer 1 (who?)
Epibulus insidiator (fb) Sling-jaw wrasse  1 (who?)
Epinephelus aeneus(fb) Witte tandbaars White grouper 1 (who?)
Epinephelus itajara(fb) Goliath tandbaars Goliath grouper 2 (who?)
Epinephelus marginatus(fb) Bruine tandbaars Dusky grouper 2 (who?)
Equetus lanceolatus(fb) Jack-knifefish 1 (who?)
Erimyzon sucetta (fb) Lake chubsucker  1 (who?)
Erythrinus erythrinus (fb) Red Trahira 1 (who?)
Esox americanus americanus (fb) Redfin pickerel  2 (who?)
Esox americanus vermiculatus (fb) Grass pickerel  2 (who?)
Esox lucius(fb) Snoek Northern pike 9 (who?)
Esox masquinongy (fb) Muskie Muskellunge  2 (who?)
Esox niger (fb) Kettingsnoek Chain pickerel  1 (who?)
Esox reichertii (fb) Amoersnoek Amur pike  2 (who?)
Etheostoma caeruleum (fb) Rainbow darter  1 (who?)
Etheostoma camurum(fb) Bluebreast darter 1 (who?)
Etheostoma colorosum(fb) Coastal darter 1 (who?)
Etheostoma exile (fb) Iowa darter  1 (who?)
Etheostoma fusiforme(fb) Swamp darter 1 (who?)
Etheostoma maculatum(fb) Spotted darter 1 (who?)
Etheostoma microperca (fb) Least darter  1 (who?)
Etheostoma swaini(fb) Gulf darter 1 (who?)
Etheostoma variatum(fb) Variegate darter 1 (who?)
Etmopterus spinax(fb) Zwarte doornhaai Velvet belly 5 (who?)
Euthynnus alletteratus(fb) Dwergtonijn Little tunny 2 (who?)
Eutrigla gurnardus(fb) Grauwe poon Grey gurnard 7 (who?)
Fistularia commersonii(fb) Bluespotted cornetfish 1 (who?)
Fundulus escambiae(fb) Russetfin topminnow 1 (who?)
Fundulus nottii(fb) Bayou topminnow 1 (who?)
Gadus morhua(fb) Kabeljauw Atlantic cod 8 (who?)
Gaidropsarus argentatus(fb) Arctic rockling 1 (who?)
Gaidropsarus mediterraneus(fb) Mediterrane meun Shore rockling 2 (who?)
Gaidropsarus vulgaris(fb) Driedradige meun Three-bearded rockling 8 (who?)
Galeocerdo cuvier(fb) Tijgerhaai Tiger shark 2 (who?)
Galeoides decadactylus(fb) Lesser African threadfin 1 (who?)
Galeorhinus galeus(fb) Ruwe haai Tope shark 7 (who?)
Galeus melastomus(fb) Spaanse hondshaai Blackmouth catshark 3 (who?)
Gasterosteus aculeatus aculeatus(fb) Driedoornige stekelbaars Three-spined stickleback 8 (who?)
Glyptocephalus cynoglossus(fb) Witje Witch flounder 5 (who?)
Gobio gobio(fb) Riviergrondel Gudgeon 6 (who?)
Gobiosoma bosc(fb) Naakte grondel Naked goby 1 (who?)
Gobius bucchichi(fb) Gestreepte grondel Bucchich's goby 1 (who?)
Gobius cobitis(fb) Reuzengrondel Giant goby 3 (who?)
Gobius geniporus(fb) Slanke grondel Slender goby 1 (who?)
Gobius niger(fb) Zwarte grondel Black goby 4 (who?)
Gobius paganellus(fb) paganelgrondel Rock goby 6 (who?)
Gobiusculus flavescens(fb) blonde grondel Two-spotted goby 7 (who?)
Gymnammodytes semisquamatus(fb) Zandaal Smooth sandeel 2 (who?)
Gymnocephalus cernua(fb) Pos Ruffe 5 (who?)
Gymnosarda unicolor (fb) Hondstonijn Dogtooth tuna  3 (who?)
Gymnura altavela(fb) Spiny butterfly ray 1 (who?)
Haemulon melanurum(fb) Cottonwick grunt 1 (who?)
Halichoeres bivittatus(fb) glibberige snikkelvis Slippery dick 1 (who?)
Halichoeres radiatus(fb) Puddingwife wrasse 1 (who?)
Helicolenus dactylopterus (fb) Blauwkeeltje Blackbelly rosefish  1 (who?)
Helicolenus dactylopterus dactylopterus(fb) Blauwkeeltje Blackbelly rosefish 3 (who?)
Hemibagrus wyckioides (fb) Aziatische roodstaartmeerval Asian redtail catfish 2 (who?)
Hemitripterus americanus (fb) Sea raven  1 (who?)
Heterodontus portusjacksoni (fb) Port Jackson shark  1 (who?)
Hexagrammos decagrammus (fb) Kelp greenling  2 (who?)
Hexanchus griseus(fb) Stompsnuitzeskieuwshaai Bluntnose sixgill shark 2 (who?)
Hiodon alosoides (fb) Goudoog Goldeye  1 (who?)
Hiodon tergisus (fb) Mooneye  2 (who?)
Hippocampus guttulatus(fb) Zeepaardje Long-snouted seahorse 4 (who?)
Hippocampus hippocampus(fb) Kortsnuitzeepaardje Short snouted seahorse 3 (who?)
Hippoglossoides platessoides(fb) Lange schar American plaice 4 (who?)
Hippoglossus hippoglossus(fb) Heilbot Atlantic halibut 10 (who?)
Hirundichthys rondeletii(fb) Black wing flyingfish 1 (who?)
Hirundichthys speculiger(fb) Vliegende vis Mirrorwing flyingfish 2 (who?)
Holocentrus rufus(fb) langstekel eekhoornvis Longspine squirrelfish 1 (who?)
Hoplias macrophthalmus (fb) Anjoemara Giant trahira  2 (who?)
Hoplias malabaricus(fb) Wolfsvis Trahira 1 (who?)
Hucho hucho(fb) Donauzalm Huchen 3 (who?)
Hucho taimen (fb) Taimen  3 (who?)
Huso huso(fb) Beluga Beluga 2 (who?)
Hybognathus nuchalis(fb) Mississippi silvery minnow 1 (who?)
Hydrocynus forskahlii(fb) Reuzen tijgervis Elongate tigerfish 1 (who?)
Hydrocynus vittatus(fb) tijgervis Tiger fish 1 (who?)
Hydrolycus scomberoides (fb) Vampier tetra Payara  1 (who?)
Hygophum benoiti(fb) Benoit's lantaarnvisje Benoit's lanternfish 3 (who?)
Hyperoplus lanceolatus(fb) Smelt Great sandeel 6 (who?)
Hypomesus pretiosus (fb) Surf smelt  1 (who?)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix(fb) Zilverkarper Silver carp 7 (who?)
Hypophthalmichthys nobilis(fb) Grootkopkarper Bighead carp 7 (who?)
Hypsypops rubicundus(fb) Garibaldi damselfish 2 (who?)
Ictalurus furcatus(fb) Blue catfish 3 (who?)
Ictalurus punctatus(fb) Kanaal meerval Channel catfish 3 (who?)
Ictiobus niger (fb) Black buffalo  1 (who?)
Istiophorus albicans(fb) Atlantic sailfish 1 (who?)
Istiophorus platypterus(fb) Indo-Pacifische zeilvis Indo-Pacific sailfish 1 (who?)
Isurus oxyrinchus(fb) Shortfin mako 2 (who?)
Katsuwonus pelamis(fb) Gestreepte tonijn Skipjack tuna 4 (who?)
Labrisomus nuchipinnis(fb) Behaarde slijmvis Hairy blenny 1 (who?)
Labrus bergylta(fb) Gevlekte lipvis Ballan wrasse 6 (who?)
Labrus mixtus(fb) Gestreepte lipvis Cuckoo wrasse 4 (who?)
Lactophrys bicaudalis(fb) Spotted trunkfish 1 (who?)
Lamna nasus(fb) Haringhaai Porbeagle 8 (who?)
Lampetra fluviatilis(fb) Rivierprik River lamprey 3 (who?)
Lampetra planeri(fb) Beekprik European brook lamprey 3 (who?)
Lampris guttatus(fb) Koningsvis Opah 3 (who?)
Lates calcarifer (fb) Barramundi Barramundi  1 (who?)
Lates niloticus(fb) Nijlbaars Nile perch 2 (who?)
Leiostomus xanthurus(fb) Spot croaker 1 (who?)
Lepidocybium flavobrunneum(fb) Escolar 1 (who?)
Lepidopus caudatus(fb) Silver scabbardfish 1 (who?)
Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis(fb) Scharretong Megrim 6 (who?)
Lepisosteus oculatus (fb) Spotted gar  2 (who?)
Lepisosteus osseus (fb) Kaaimansnoek Longnose gar  1 (who?)
Lepisosteus platyrhincus (fb) Florida gar  1 (who?)
Lepomis cyanellus (fb) Groene zonnebaars Green sunfish  1 (who?)
Lepomis gibbosus(fb) Zonnebaars Pumpkinseed 7 (who?)
Lepomis megalotis (fb) Longear sunfish  1 (who?)
Lesueurigobius friesii(fb) Fries's goby 1 (who?)
Leucaspius delineatus(fb) Vetje Belica 5 (who?)
Leuciscus idus(fb) Winde Orfe 8 (who?)
Leuciscus leuciscus(fb) Serpeling Common dace 8 (who?)
Leucoraja naevus(fb) Koekoeksrog Cuckoo ray 7 (who?)
Lichia amia(fb) Leerfish 1 (who?)
Limanda limanda(fb) Schar Common dab 3 (who?)
Liparis liparis liparis(fb) Slakdolf Striped seasnail 6 (who?)
Liparis montagui(fb) Montagu's slakdolf Montagus seasnail 3 (who?)
Lipophrys pholis(fb) Slijmvis Shanny 7 (who?)
Liza aurata(fb) Goudharder Golden grey mullet 7 (who?)
Liza ramada(fb) Dunlipharder Thinlip grey mullet 16 (who?)
Lophius piscatorius(fb) Zeeduivel Angler 9 (who?)
Lota lota(fb) Kwabaal Burbot 18 (who?)
Lucania goodei(fb) Bluefin killifish 1 (who?)
Lucania parva(fb) Rainwater killifish 2 (who?)
Luciobarbus comizo(fb) Iberische barbeel Iberian barbel 1 (who?)
Lutjanus cyanopterus(fb) Cubera snapper Cubera snapper 3 (who?)
Lutjanus vivanus(fb) Silk snapper 1 (who?)
Lythrurus umbratilis (fb) Redfin shiner  1 (who?)
Maccullochella peelii (fb) Murray cod  1 (who?)
Macrhybopsis hyostoma(fb) Shoal chub 1 (who?)
Makaira indica(fb) Black marlin 4 (who?)
Makaira nigricans(fb) Blauwe marlijn Blue marlin 4 (who?)
Margariscus margarita (fb) Pearl dace  1 (who?)
Mauligobius maderensis(fb) Madeira Grondel Madeira goby 2 (who?)
Maurolicus muelleri(fb) Lichtend sprotje Silvery lightfish 3 (who?)
Megalops atlanticus(fb) Tarpon Tarpon 6 (who?)
Megalops cyprinoides (fb) Indo-Pacific tarpon  1 (who?)
Melanogrammus aeglefinus(fb) Schelvis Haddock 6 (who?)
Merlangius merlangus(fb) Wijting Whiting 7 (who?)
Merluccius merluccius(fb) Heek European hake 5 (who?)
Micrenophrys lilljeborgii(fb) Noorse donderpad Norway bullhead 3 (who?)
Microcanthus strigatus (fb) Stripey  1 (who?)
Microchirus variegatus(fb) Dikrugtong Thickback sole 3 (who?)
Micromesistius poutassou(fb) Blauwe wijting Blue whiting 3 (who?)
Micropogonias undulatus(fb) Knorrepos Atlantic croaker 8 (who?)
Micropterus cahabae(fb) Cahaba baars Cahaba bass 2 (who?)
Micropterus cataractae(fb) Shoal bass 3 (who?)
Micropterus chattahoochae(fb) Chattahoochee baars Chattahoochee bass 1 (who?)
Micropterus coosae(fb) Redeye bass 1 (who?)
Micropterus dolomieu(fb) Kleinbekbaars Smallmouth bass 4 (who?)
Micropterus floridanus(fb) Florida Largemouth Bass 1 (who?)
Micropterus haiaka(fb) Choctaw bass 1 (who?)
Micropterus henshalli(fb) Alabama Bass 1 (who?)
Micropterus notius(fb) Suwannee bass 1 (who?)
Micropterus salmoides(fb) Forelbaars Largemouth black bass 4 (who?)
Micropterus tallapoosae(fb) Tallapoosa baars Tallapoosa bass 1 (who?)
Micropterus warriorensis(fb) Warrior baars Warrior bass 2 (who?)
Microstomus kitt(fb) Tongschar Lemon sole 3 (who?)
Minytrema melanops (fb) Spotted sucker  2 (who?)
Misgurnus anguillicaudatus (fb) Aziatische modderkruiper Pond loach  1 (who?)
Misgurnus fossilis(fb) Grote modderkruiper Weatherfish 13 (who?)
Mola mola(fb) Maanvis Ocean sunfish 3 (who?)
Molva dypterygia(fb) Blauwe leng Blue ling 2 (who?)
Molva macrophthalma(fb) Middellandse zeeleng Spanish ling 1 (who?)
Molva molva(fb) Leng Ling 5 (who?)
Mora moro(fb) Diepzeekabeljauw Common mora 1 (who?)
Morone mississippiensis(fb) Yellow bass 1 (who?)
Morone saxatilis(fb) Gestreepte zeebaars Striped bass 2 (who?)
Moxostoma anisurum (fb) Zilverzuigkarper Silver redhorse  1 (who?)
Moxostoma carinatum (fb) River redhorse  2 (who?)
Moxostoma congestum(fb) Gray redhorse 1 (who?)
Moxostoma species undescribed1(nr) Apalachicola Redhorse 1 (who?)
Moxostoma valenciennesi (fb) Greater redhorse  1 (who?)
Mullus barbatus barbatus(fb) Rode mul Red mullet 6 (who?)
Mullus surmuletus(fb) Mul Surmullet 10 (who?)
Mustelus asterias(fb) Gevlekte toonhaai Starry smooth-hound 6 (who?)
Mustelus mustelus(fb) Gladde haai Smooth-hound 5 (who?)
Mycteroperca fusca(fb) Island grouper  1 (who?)
Myctophum punctatum(fb) Spotted lanternfish 1 (who?)
Myliobatis aquila(fb) adelaarsrog Common eagle ray 3 (who?)
Mylocheilus caurinus (fb) Peamouth  2 (who?)
Myoxocephalus quadricornis(fb) Fourhorn sculpin 1 (who?)
Myoxocephalus scorpius(fb) Zeedonderpad Shorthorn sculpin 8 (who?)
Myoxocephalus thompsonii (fb) Deepwater sculpin  1 (who?)
Myxine glutinosa(fb) Slijmprik Hagfish 3 (who?)
Nematistius pectoralis(fb) Roostervis Roosterfish 5 (who?)
Neogobius fluviatilis(fb) Pontische stroomgrondel Monkey goby 4 (who?)
Neogobius melanostomus(fb) Zwartbekgrondel Round goby 7 (who?)
Nerophis lumbriciformis(fb) Kleine worm zeenaald Worm pipefish 3 (who?)
Notemigonus crysoleucas (fb) Golden shiner  1 (who?)
Notropis blennius (fb) River shiner  1 (who?)
Notropis boops(fb) Bigeye shiner 1 (who?)
Notropis lutipinnis(fb) Yellowfin shiner 1 (who?)
Notropis mekistocholas(fb) Cape Fear shiner 1 (who?)
Notropis percobromus (fb) Carmine shiner  1 (who?)
Notropis petersoni(fb) Coastal shiner 1 (who?)
Notropis stramineus (fb) Sand shiner  1 (who?)
Notropis suttkusi(fb) Rocky shiner 1 (who?)
Notropis telescopus(fb) Telescope shiner 1 (who?)
Notropis uranoscopus(fb) Skygazer shiner 1 (who?)
Notropis volucellus (fb) Mimic shiner  1 (who?)
Notropis wickliffi(fb) Channel shiner 1 (who?)
Noturus flavus (fb) Stonecat  1 (who?)
Noturus gyrinus (fb) Tadpole madtom  1 (who?)
Noturus miurus (fb) Brindled madtom  1 (who?)
Oblada melanura(fb) Vuurzeebrasem Saddled seabream 1 (who?)
Ogcocephalus nasutus(fb) Shortnose batfish 1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus aguabonita (fb) Golden trout  2 (who?)
Oncorhynchus apache(fb) Apache trout 3 (who?)
Oncorhynchus chrysogaster(fb) Mexican golden trout 1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii(fb) Cutthroat trout 3 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii alvordensis(fb) Alvord Cutthroat Trout 1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii behnkei(fb) Finespotted Cutthroat Trout 1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii bouvieri(fb) Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout 1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii clarkii(fb) Costal Cutthroat Trout 1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii henshawi(fb) Lahontan Cutthroat Trout 1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi(fb) Westslope Cutthroat Trout 1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii macdonaldi(fb) Yellowfin Cutthroat Trout 1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii pleuriticus(fb) Colorado River cutthroat trout 1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii seleniris(fb) Paiute Cutthroat Trout 2 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii stomias(fb) Greenback Cutthroat Trout 2 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii subspecies(fb) Whitehorse Cutthroat Trout 1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii utah(fb) Bonneville Cutthroat Trout 1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii virginalis(fb) Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout 2 (who?)
Oncorhynchus clarkii X Oncorhynchus mykiss(hy) Cutbow Trout 1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus gilae(fb) Gila trout 2 (who?)
Oncorhynchus gorbuscha(fb) Roze zalm Pink salmon 2 (who?)
Oncorhynchus iwame(fb) Iwame trout 1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus keta(fb) Chum salmon 4 (who?)
Oncorhynchus kisutch(fb) Cohozalm Coho salmon 6 (who?)
Oncorhynchus masou masou (fb) Masu salmon  1 (who?)
Oncorhynchus mykiss(fb) Regenboogforel Rainbow trout 4 (who?)
Oncorhynchus nerka(fb) Sockeye salmon 4 (who?)
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha(fb) Chinook zalm Chinook salmon 5 (who?)
Ophioblennius atlanticus(fb) Redlip Blenny 2 (who?)
Ophiodon elongatus (fb) Lingcod Lingcod  1 (who?)
Oregonichthys crameri(fb) Oregon chub 1 (who?)
Oreochromis mossambicus(fb) Mozambique tilapia Mozambique tilapia 1 (who?)
Osmerus eperlanus(fb) Spiering European smelt 9 (who?)
Pagellus acarne(fb) Spaanse zeebrasem Axillary seabream 1 (who?)
Pagellus bogaraveo(fb) Zeebrasem Blackspot seabream 8 (who?)
Pagrus auriga(fb) roodgestreepte zeebrasem Redbanded seabream 1 (who?)
Pagrus pagrus(fb) Gewone zeebrasem Red porgy 2 (who?)
Pangasianodon gigas (fb) Grote Mekong meerval Mekong giant catfish  1 (who?)
Parablennius gattorugine(fb) Gehoornde slijmvis Tompot blenny 3 (who?)
Parablennius parvicornis(fb) Rotspoelslijmvis Rock-pool blenny 3 (who?)
Parablennius sanguinolentus(fb) Roodgevlekte slijmvis Rusty blenny 1 (who?)
Paralichthys dentatus (fb) Summer flounder  1 (who?)
Pegusa lascaris(fb) Franse tong Sand sole 3 (who?)
Pelecus cultratus (fb) Sabelbliek Sichel  1 (who?)
Perca fluviatilis(fb) Baars European perch 2 (who?)
Perccottus glenii (fb) Amoergrondel Chinese sleeper  1 (who?)
Percina maculata (fb) Blackside darter  1 (who?)
Percina phoxocephala(fb) Slenderhead darter 1 (who?)
Percina sciera(fb) Dusky darter 1 (who?)
Petromyzon marinus(fb) Zeeprik Sea lamprey 5 (who?)
Pholis gunnellus(fb) Botervis Rock gunnel 6 (who?)
Phoxinus phoxinus(fb) Elrits Eurasian minnow 4 (who?)
Phractocephalus hemioliopterus (fb) Roodstaart meerval Redtail catfish  3 (who?)
Phrynorhombus norvegicus(fb) Dwergbot Norwegian topknot 5 (who?)
Phycis blennoides(fb) Greater forkbeard 1 (who?)
Pimelometopon pulchrum(fb) California sheephead 1 (who?)
Pimephales promelas(fb) Amerikaanse dikkop elrits Fathead minnow 1 (who?)
Platichthys flesus(fb) Bot European flounder 7 (who?)
Platichthys stellatus (fb) Starry flounder  1 (who?)
Plectropomus leopardus (fb) Leopard coralgrouper  1 (who?)
Pleuronectes platessa(fb) Schol European plaice 4 (who?)
Poecilia reticulata(fb) Gup Guppy 6 (who?)
Pogonias cromis (fb) Black drum  1 (who?)
Pollachius pollachius(fb) Pollak Pollack 5 (who?)
Pollachius virens(fb) Koolvis Saithe 7 (who?)
Pomadasys incisus(fb) Bastard grunt 1 (who?)
Pomatoschistus lozanoi(fb) Lozano's grondel Lozano's goby 5 (who?)
Pomatoschistus microps(fb) Brakwatergrondel Common goby 5 (who?)
Pomatoschistus minutus(fb) Dikkopje Sand goby 3 (who?)
Pomatoschistus pictus(fb) Kleurige grondel Painted goby 4 (who?)
Pomoxis nigromaculatus (fb) Black crappie  1 (who?)
Prionace glauca(fb) Blauwe haai Blue shark 1 (who?)
Prionotus carolinus (fb) Northern searobin  1 (who?)
Prosopium cylindraceum (fb) Round whitefish  1 (who?)
Prosopium williamsoni (fb) Mountain whitefish  1 (who?)
Proterorhinus marmoratus (fb) Zeemarmergrondel Tubenose goby  2 (who?)
Proterorhinus semilunaris(fb) Marmergrondel Western tubenose goby 8 (who?)
Psetta maxima(fb) Tarbot Turbot 11 (who?)
Pseudocaranx dentex(fb) geelvin makreel White trevally 1 (who?)
Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum (fb) Tijger spatelbekmeerval Barred sorubim  1 (who?)
Pseudopleuronectes americanus (fb) Winter flounder  1 (who?)
Pseudorasbora parva(fb) Blauwband Stone moroko 5 (who?)
Pteronotropis grandipinnis(fb) Apalachee shiner 1 (who?)
Pteronotropis hubbsi(fb) Bluehead shiner 1 (who?)
Pteronotropis hypselopterus(fb) Sailfin shiner 2 (who?)
Pteronotropis merlini(fb) Orangetail shiner 1 (who?)
Pteronotropis metallicus(fb) Metallic Shiner 1 (who?)
Pteronotropis signipinnis(fb) Flagfin shiner 1 (who?)
Pteronotropis welaka(fb) Bluenose shiner 1 (who?)
Ptychocheilus oregonensis (fb) Northern pikeminnow  1 (who?)
Ptychocheilus umpquae(fb) Umpqua pikeminnow 1 (who?)
Pungitius laevis(fb) Negendoornige stekelbaars Smoothtail ninespine stickleback 5 (who?)
Pungitius pungitius(fb) Tiendoornige stekelbaars Ninespine stickleback 7 (who?)
Pylodictis olivaris (fb) Flathead catfish  1 (who?)
Rachycentron canadum(fb) Cobia Cobia 1 (who?)
Raja binoculata (fb) Grote rog Big skate  1 (who?)
Raja brachyura(fb) Blonde rog Blonde ray 6 (who?)
Raja clavata(fb) Stekelrog Thornback ray 7 (who?)
Raja microocellata(fb) Kleinoogrog Small-eyed ray 3 (who?)
Raja montagui(fb) Gevlekte rog Spotted ray 5 (who?)
Raja undulata(fb) Golfrog Undulate ray 4 (who?)
Raniceps raninus(fb) Vorskwab Tadpole fish 5 (who?)
Rhacochilus vacca (fb) Pile perch  1 (who?)
Rhinichthys osculus (fb) Speckled dace  1 (who?)
Rhodeus amarus(fb) Bittervoorn Bitterling 8 (who?)
Rhodeus sericeus(fb) Aziatische bittervoorn Bitterling 2 (who?)
Romanogobio albipinnatus (fb) Oost-Europese Witvingrondel White-finned gudgeon  3 (who?)
Romanogobio belingi (fb) Witvingrondel Northern whitefinned gudgeon 1 (who?)
Romanogobio kesslerii (fb) Kesslers riviergrondel Kessler's gudgeon  2 (who?)
Rostroraja alba(fb) witte vleet White skate 1 (who?)
Rutilus rutilus(fb) Blankvoorn Roach 4 (who?)
Salaria pavo(fb) Pauwslijmvis Peacock blenny 1 (who?)
Salminus brasiliensis (fb) Gouden Dorado Dorado  3 (who?)
Salmo ferox (fb) Ferox forel Ferox trout 1 (who?)
Salmo letnica (fb) Ohrid trout  2 (who?)
Salmo marmoratus (fb) Marmerforel Marble trout 2 (who?)
Salmo obtusirostris (fb) Adriatic trout  1 (who?)
Salmo platycephalus(fb) Flathead trout 1 (who?)
Salmo salar(fb) Zalm Atlantic salmon 10 (who?)
Salmo trutta(fb) Sea trout 1 (who?)
Salmo trutta fario(fb) Beekforel Brown trout 4 (who?)
Salmo trutta trutta(fb) Zeeforel Sea trout 16 (who?)
Salvelinus agassizii(fb) Silver trout 1 (who?)
Salvelinus alpinus alpinus(fb) Riddervis Arctic char 5 (who?)
Salvelinus confluentus (fb) Bull trout  2 (who?)
Salvelinus fontinalis(fb) Bronforel Brook trout 7 (who?)
Salvelinus malma malma (fb) Dolly varden  1 (who?)
Salvelinus namaycush(fb) Amerikaanse meerforel Lake trout 4 (who?)
Salvelinus namaycush X Salvelinus fontinalis(hy) Splake 1 (who?)
Sander canadensis (fb) Canadese snoekbaars Sauger  1 (who?)
Sander lucioperca(fb) Snoekbaars Pike-perch 9 (who?)
Sander vitreus (fb) Amerikaanse snoekbaars Walleye  2 (who?)
Sarda sarda(fb) Bonito Atlantic bonito 6 (who?)
Sardina pilchardus(fb) Sardien European pilchard 7 (who?)
Sarpa salpa(fb) Gestreepte bokvis Salema 1 (who?)
Scaphirhynchus albus(fb) Pallid sturgeon 1 (who?)
Scardinius erythrophthalmus(fb) Ruisvoorn Rudd 6 (who?)
Scartella cristata(fb) Molly Slijmvis Molly miller 2 (who?)
Scarus coelestinus(fb) Midnight parrotfish 1 (who?)
Scarus guacamaia(fb) Rainbow parrotfish 1 (who?)
Scarus taeniopterus(fb) prinses papegaaivis Princess parrotfish 1 (who?)
Sciaena umbra(fb) Brown meagre 1 (who?)
Sciaenops ocellatus(fb) Red drum 1 (who?)
Scleropages jardinii (fb) Australian bonytongue  1 (who?)
Scomber colias(fb) Atlantic chub mackerel 1 (who?)
Scomber scombrus(fb) Makreel Atlantic mackerel 8 (who?)
Scomberesox saurus saurus(fb) Makreelgeep Atlantic saury 3 (who?)
Scomberomorus cavalla(fb) Konings makreel King mackerel 1 (who?)
Scomberomorus regalis(fb) Cero 1 (who?)
Scophthalmus aquosus (fb) Windowpane flounder  1 (who?)
Scophthalmus rhombus(fb) Griet Brill 8 (who?)
Scorpaena maderensis(fb) Madeira schorpioenvis Madeira rockfish 2 (who?)
Scyliorhinus canicula(fb) Hondshaai Small-spotted catshark 7 (who?)
Scyliorhinus stellaris(fb) Kathaai Nursehound 5 (who?)
Sebastes atrovirens(fb) Kelp rockfish 1 (who?)
Sebastes levis(fb) Cowcod 1 (who?)
Sebastes maliger (fb) Quillback rockfish  1 (who?)
Sebastes marinus(fb) Roodbaars Golden redfish 2 (who?)
Sebastes miniatus (fb) Vermilion rockfish  1 (who?)
Sebastes nebulosus (fb) China rockfish  1 (who?)
Sebastes paucispinis (fb) Bocaccio rockfish  1 (who?)
Sebastes pinniger (fb) Canary rockfish  1 (who?)
Sebastes ruberrimus (fb) geeloog steenbaars Yelloweye rockfish  1 (who?)
Sebastes serriceps(fb) Treefish 1 (who?)
Selene setapinnis(fb) Atlantic moonfish 1 (who?)
Semicossyphus pulcher(fb) California sheephead 1 (who?)
Seriola dumerili(fb) Grote amberjack Greater amberjack 3 (who?)
Seriola lalandi(fb) Yellowtail amberjack 1 (who?)
Serranus atricauda(fb) Konings zaagbaars Blacktail comber  1 (who?)
Serranus cabrilla(fb) Zaagbaars Comber 2 (who?)
Serranus hepatus(fb) Kleine schriftbaars Brown comber 1 (who?)
Serranus scriba(fb) Schriftbaars Painted comber 1 (who?)
Silurus aristotelis (fb) Aristoteles meerval Aristotle`s catfish 2 (who?)
Silurus glanis(fb) Meerval Wels catfish 16 (who?)
Solea solea(fb) Tong Common sole 7 (who?)
Somniosus microcephalus(fb) Groenlandse haai Greenland shark 3 (who?)
Sparisoma cretense(fb) Parrotfish 1 (who?)
Sparisoma viride(fb) Stoplight parrotfish 1 (who?)
Sparus aurata(fb) Goudbrasem Gilthead seabream 4 (who?)
Sphyraena barracuda(fb) Reuze barracuda Great barracuda 1 (who?)
Sphyraena sphyraena(fb) Europese barracuda European barracuda 1 (who?)
Sphyrna lewini(fb) Geschulpte hamerhaai Scalloped hammerhead 1 (who?)
Sphyrna tiburo(fb) Kaphamerhaai Bonnethead 1 (who?)
Spinachia spinachia(fb) Zeestekelbaars Sea stickleback 5 (who?)
Spondyliosoma cantharus(fb) Zeekarper Black seabream 5 (who?)
Sprattus sprattus(fb) Sprot European sprat 9 (who?)
Squalius cephalus(fb) Kopvoorn Chub 5 (who?)
Squalus acanthias(fb) Doornhaai Picked dogfish 4 (who?)
Squatina squatina(fb) Zee-engel Angelshark 3 (who?)
Stenodus leucichthys(fb) Sheefish 1 (who?)
Stephanolepis hispidus (fb) Planehead filefish  1 (who?)
Strongylura marina(fb) Atlantische geep Atlantic needlefish 1 (who?)
Strongylura notata notata(fb) Redfin needlefish 1 (who?)
Symphodus bailloni(fb) Bailloni's lipvis Baillon's wrasse 6 (who?)
Symphodus melops(fb) Zwartooglipvis Corkwing wrasse 7 (who?)
Syngnathus acus(fb) Grote zeenaald Greater pipefish 7 (who?)
Syngnathus rostellatus(fb) Kleine zeenaald Nilsson's pipefish 5 (who?)
Syngnathus typhle(fb) Trompetterzeenaald Broadnosed pipefish 5 (who?)
Synodus foetens(fb) Inshore lizardfish 1 (who?)
Synodus lacertinus(fb) Sauro hagedisvis Sauro lizardfish 1 (who?)
Synodus saurus(fb) Hagedisvis Atlantic lizardfish 2 (who?)
Synodus synodus (fb) Diamond lizardfish  1 (who?)
Taurulus bubalis(fb) Groene zeedonderpad Longspined bullhead 4 (who?)
Tetrapturus albidus(fb) Atlantic white marlin 1 (who?)
Tetrapturus audax(fb) Striped marlin 2 (who?)
Tetrapturus pfluegeri(fb) Langbekspeervis Longbill spearfish 1 (who?)
Thalassoma pavo(fb) Pauwlipvis Ornate wrasse 1 (who?)
Thorogobius ephippiatus(fb) Luipaardgrondel Leopard-spotted goby 6 (who?)
Thunnus alalunga(fb) Albacore 1 (who?)
Thunnus albacares(fb) Geelvintonijn Yellowfin tuna 3 (who?)
Thunnus atlanticus(fb) Zwartvintonijn Blackfin tuna 1 (who?)
Thunnus obesus(fb) Grootoogtonijn Bigeye tuna 3 (who?)
Thunnus thynnus(fb) Tonijn Atlantic bluefin tuna 7 (who?)
Thymallus arcticus(fb) Arctic grayling 1 (who?)
Thymallus arcticus arcticus (fb) Arctische vlagzalm Arctic grayling  1 (who?)
Thymallus thymallus(fb) Vlagzalm Grayling 15 (who?)
Thyrsites atun (fb) Snoekmakreel Snoek  1 (who?)
Tinca tinca(fb) Zeelt Tench 7 (who?)
Tor putitora (fb) Gouden masheer Putitor mahseer  2 (who?)
Torpedo marmorata(fb) Gemarmerde sidderrog Marbled electric ray 2 (who?)
Torpedo nobiliana(fb) Zwarte sidderrog Electric ray 2 (who?)
Trachinotus ovatus(fb) Oostatlantische gaffelmakreel Pompano 3 (who?)
Trachinus draco(fb) Grote pieterman Greater weever 10 (who?)
Trachurus trachurus(fb) Horsmakreel Atlantic horse mackerel 5 (who?)
Triacanthus biaculeatus (fb) Short-nosed tripodfish  1 (who?)
Triakis semifasciata(fb) Luipaardhaai Leopard shark 1 (who?)
Trigloporus lastoviza(fb) Gestreepte poon Streaked gurnard 3 (who?)
Triglopsis quadricornis(fb) Vierhoorndonderpad Fourhorn sculpin 2 (who?)
Trinectes maculatus(fb) Amerikaanse tong Hogchoker 3 (who?)
Tripterygion delaisi(fb) Gele drievinnige slijmvis Black-faced blenny 1 (who?)
Trisopterus esmarkii(fb) Kever Norway pout 4 (who?)
Trisopterus luscus(fb) Steenbolk Pouting 7 (who?)
Trisopterus minutus(fb) Dwergbolk Poor cod 2 (who?)
Umbra limi (fb) Central mudminnow  1 (who?)
Umbra pygmaea(fb) Amerikaanse hondsvis Eastern mudminnow 7 (who?)
Urobatis jamaicensis(fb) Yellow stingray 1 (who?)
Vimba vimba(fb) Blauwneus Vimba bream 10 (who?)
Xiphias gladius(fb) Zwaardvis Swordfish 5 (who?)
Zanclus cornutus(fb) Moorish idol 1 (who?)
Zeugopterus punctatus(fb) Gevlekte griet Topknot 8 (who?)
Zeus faber(fb) Zonnevis John dory 9 (who?)
Zingel streber (fb) Danube streber  1 (who?)
Zingel zingel (fb) Zingel Zingel  2 (who?)
Zoarces viviparus(fb) Puitaal Eelpout 9 (who?)
Zungaro jahu (fb) Braziliaanse Jahu meerval Brazilian Jahu Catfish 1 (who?)

# name species
1 Pieter Beelen 104
2 Pascal Pépé Sjamajee Rommelaere 54
3 Cock van der Hulst 36
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all times:
# name species
1 Theo Modder 776
2 Pieter Beelen 701
3 Ton Nientied 597
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unique species:
# name species
1 Sebastian van Koningshoven 114
2 Michael Lee Berg 86
3 Ben Cantrell 80
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caught on fly:
# name species
1 Remko Verspui 114
2 Michael Lee Berg 111
3 Mikhail Skopets 108
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287 registered species hunters.
3157  species.
26 non recognized species.
20 hybrids.
413  fly caught.
636 species on target lists.
177 pictures of zwoonzels.