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Freshwater Fish Guides for Traveling Specieshunters

Freshwater Fish Guides for Traveling Specieshunters

Reviews by Tom Berg

There is a great set of fish identification pamphlets now available that every traveling fisherman should consider adding to their fishing library – especially specieshunters interested in making a trip to the USA. Award-winning writer Craig Springer and renowned artist Joe Tomelleri have worked together to create 30 different high-quality freshwater fish I.D. guides that are both beautiful and useful to fishermen. There are also saltwater guides available in the series from other authors/artists.

Published and produced by Quick Reference Publishing (QRP), these guides cover different sport fish from all around the United States. Check their website ( for a complete list of guides that are available. Just click on “Guides by State” to see what is available for the area you will be visiting. If you will be making a trip to California, for example, the guide which may be most interesting to you will likely be the Freshwater Fishes of Central and Northern California guide. Check it out below.

Freshwater Fishes of Central and Northern California, by Springer and Tomelleri.

This handy guide from Quick Reference Publishing is a great tool for serious specieshunters who are interested in learning more about the many different species of fish swimming around in northern and central California waters. Anyone making a trip to this state on America’s west coast should put this guide on their wish list.

The QRP identification pamphlet is a great reference guide for experienced anglers and those new to the sport, as well. The full-color illustrations are wonderful and extremely true-to-life. The concise identifying information and habitat descriptions are helpful in determining which fish you catch on your next fishing outing, too. This guide is very nice for those interested in fishing for new species and realizing the many different species available in the state.

In this guide, a total of 64 of northern and central California’s most popular and interesting fish species are featured, from panfish like bluegills, sunfish and crappies – to sturgeon, suckers, catfish, bullhead, salmon, trout, pike, bass and more. Trout enthusiasts will be excited to see that there are 19 species of trout described on the different panels, and although not all of them are recognized by Fishbase, they are all beautiful. There are even two species of sturgeon (Green Sturgeon and White Sturgeon).

Besides some of the more glamorous and well-known fish mentioned above, the guide also details some of the lesser-known fish species like Mountain Whitefish and American Shad. It also lists west coast panfish such as the Tule Perch and the Sacramento Perch. And don’t forget about the suckers like Modoc, Mountain Sucker, Klamath Largescale and Sacramento Sucker. Other interesting species include Tui Chub, Sacramento Blackfish, Sacramento Pikeminnow and others. The scientific names are all included, of course.

The 12-panel California guide folds like an accordion so it’s compact (3.9 x 0.2 x 9.2 inches). Another cool feature is the fact that it’s laminated and 100% waterproof! Check it out on or ISBN-13: 978-1-936913-67-1.

Freshwater Fishes of Florida, by Springer and Tomelleri.

Just like the guide for central and northern California, the QRP guide for Florida can be excellent reference material for anglers heading for Florida waters. This state’s tropical climate allows a wide variety of fish species to thrive, and this guide highlights 64 of them.

Most people know about the huge Largemouth Bass and Florida Largemouth Bass that live here, and in the southern parts of the state the Butterfly Peacock Bass is a popular target for specieshunters. But there are plenty of smaller panfish that are exciting for anyone looking for new species, too. The Dollar Sunfish, Shadow Bass, Flier, Blackspotted Sunfish and Redbreast Sunfish represent just a few of them. There are also plenty of suckers, chubs and similar species to chase, too, like the Sharpfin Chubsucker, Dixie Chub, Blue Sucker, Lake Chubsucker and Grayfin Redhorse. The list goes on and on.

The 12-panel Florida guide has all of the features and characteristics of the California guide. Check it out on or ISBN-13: 978-0-9828856-6-6.

If you love fishing for new and interesting species of freshwater fish, the QRP guides are perfect for you. The two guides mentioned above are just two of the many state-specific guides available. Take the time to visit and view all of them!

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