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I am THE KING of Scotland and Wales!!!

We added two new features today:

1. Country guide

In the country guide you can see who visited which country and which species were caught. For this feature, the site uses the `country` you select when uploading a picture.

So please make sure you select the right country for all your existing and new pictures.

Oh, and if you wish to become a king, like me, the system counts how many pictures of distinct species you have uploaded. For example, uploading 10 pictures of dogfish will only count for 1 species.

2. Salt water an fresh water list

You can now filter your species to show only fish caught in fresh water, salt water or both.

Remember, it is not about what type of fish it is, it`s about WHERE you caught it.

For example, if you have caught an eel in a fresh water lake, you put it in your fresh water list. If you caught it at sea, you put it in your salt water list. If you have caught it in both fresh water and salt water, you put it in both lists.

We took the liberty of generating (parts of) your lists. You can click the `edit` link to complete or correct your list.

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replies (14)
08-01-2018 20:02:31
Pascal Pépé Sjamajee Rommelaere says : Schitterend initiatief 😍;
Alweer uren wegdroomplezier😉;
08-01-2018 20:06:35
Ruud Pannekeet says : Thank you sire. Are you aware that you‘;re the king of Belgium, Egypt, portugal and Senegal?
08-01-2018 20:56:06
Ben Cantrell says : I‘;m king of Japan and Peru!
08-01-2018 21:00:06
Barthold D. says : Hungary it is for me!!:-)

This is awesome Ruud! Thanks for sharing your dev skills
08-01-2018 21:01:48
Ruud Pannekeet says : My son rules the Channel islands! :‘;
08-01-2018 22:17:41
Pascal Pépé Sjamajee Rommelaere says : I m on top off the world 😂;😂;😎;😎;
08-01-2018 23:14:54
Marcel de Vries says : Yes! I am the King of the Netherlands😉;
08-01-2018 23:18:10
Marcel de Vries says : And Malta👍;
09-01-2018 12:39:24
Jarno Laihinen says : Does this mean that everybody is going to load 8 pics of roach and perch, 6 pics of bream and carp, etc. etc...?
09-01-2018 18:57:31
Ryan Crutchfield says : Can you add Sint Maarten & Saint Martin? I do not see them in the drop down.
09-01-2018 20:25:45
Ruud Pannekeet says : Jarno, that is a very good question. We can only hope that pretenders to a throne will not conquer countries by uploading heaps of ugly unsharp pictures. But if this country guide will make people upload more beautiful photographs of perch and roach that fine with me.

Then again, it‘;s not important. The king title is not meant to boost our ego‘;s. It‘;s just a tool you can use to see who you can turn to if you have a question about a certain country, like The Bahama‘;s, Bonaire, Bermuda, Cayman Islands,French Polenesia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Tasmania, Virgin Islands, Saint Kitts and of course Nevis...

Ryan, I added Saint Martin just now. I hope it‘;s okay with you that we consider Saint Martin/Sint Maarten one country.

10-01-2018 16:31:01
Ryan Crutchfield says : @Ruud - thanks! now I can be king
12-01-2018 14:11:31
Ronnie van Beem says : I‘;m the king of Iceland! What more can you ask for?
12-01-2018 18:13:35
Ruud Pannekeet says : My kingdom for a horse mackerel!

Congratulations majesties.

# name species
1 Sjors Waterschoot 9
2 Jeffrey Kamphuis 7
3 Pieter Beelen 6
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all times:
# name species
1 Theo Modder 753
2 Pieter Beelen 625
3 Ton Nientied 597
show entire list
unique species:
# name species
1 Sebastian van Koningshoven 115
2 Michael Lee Berg 87
3 Ben Cantrell 83
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caught on fly:
# name species
1 Remko Verspui 114
2 Michael Lee Berg 111
3 Mikhail Skopets 108
show entire list
285 registered species hunters.
3114  species.
26 non recognized species.
20 hybrids.
412  fly caught.
632 species on target lists.
172 pictures of zwoonzels.