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Pictures Pieter Beelen Pholis gunnellus (Rock gunnel)

picture properties:
year taken :
country :The Netherlands
notes :
Pholis gunnellus(fb)
© Pieter Beelen
04-05-2014 10:05:22
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04-05-2014 10:06:25
Pieter Beelen says : New species on my tiny ice rod. Thanks to Marcel for the location.
04-05-2014 10:40:31
Jarno Laihinen says : Well done mate! That rod is very handy isn´t it. I hope you´ll catch many more new species with it.
04-05-2014 11:48:29
Marcel de Vries says : Well done Pieter and you‘re welcome!
04-05-2014 21:32:08
Jani Hakkarainen says : Nicely done! Did you caught it with mormuska or did you use bare hook?
04-05-2014 21:44:05
Pieter Beelen says : Thanks Jani, it was a bare hook. Is was rough ground. I was afraid of losing one.
04-05-2014 23:00:50
Jani Hakkarainen says : Don‘t worry mate. Just let me know and I‘ll send some new ones to you...
05-05-2014 11:47:58
Theo Modder says : Gefeliciteerd Pieter.
05-05-2014 17:53:37
Pieter Beelen says : Thanks Theo!

picture properties:
year taken :
country :The Netherlands
notes :
Pholis gunnellus(fb)
© Pieter Beelen
04-05-2014 10:04:50
2 person(s) like(s) this picture.
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