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Mathew Adam Williams 26 species(fb)
+0 non recognized(nr)
+0 hybrids(hy)
23 caught in fresh water
0 caught in salt water
3 not(yet)specified
0 targets
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Specieslist of Mathew Adam Williams

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species F S dutch name english
Ambloplites rupestris(fb)vSteenbaarsRock bass
Clinostomus funduloides(fb)vRosyside dace
Cyprinella callistia(fb)Alabama shiner
Cyprinella galactura(fb)vWhitetail shiner
Fundulus catenatus(fb)vNorthern studfish
Fundulus olivaceus(fb)vBlackspotted topminnow
Hybopsis amblops(fb)vBigeye chub
Lepomis auritus (fb)vRoodborstzonnebaarsRedbreast sunfish 
Lepomis cyanellus (fb)vGroene zonnebaarsGreen sunfish 
Lepomis gibbosus(fb)vZonnebaarsPumpkinseed
Lepomis macrochirus (fb)vBlauwe zonnebaarsBluegill 
Lepomis megalotis (fb)vLongear sunfish 
Lepomis microlophus(fb)vRedear sunfish
Luxilus chrysocephalus (fb)vStriped shiner 
Luxilus coccogenis(fb)vWarpaint shiner
Lythrurus fasciolaris(fb)vScarlet shiner
Micropterus coosae(fb)vRedeye bass
Micropterus dolomieu(fb)vKleinbekbaarsSmallmouth bass
Micropterus punctulatus(fb)vSpotted bass
Micropterus salmoides(fb)vForelbaarsLargemouth black bass
Nocomis effusus(fb)Redtail chub
Oncorhynchus mykiss(fb)vRegenboogforelRainbow trout
Rhinichthys atratulus (fb)vBlacknose dace 
Salmo trutta fario(fb)vBeekforelBrown trout
Salvelinus fontinalis(fb)BronforelBrook trout
Semotilus atromaculatus (fb)vCreek chub 
# name spcs
1 189
2 185
3 158
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all times:
# name spcs
1 784
2 716
3 639
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unique species:
# name spcs
1 111
2 106
3 75
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caught on fly:
# name spcs
1 119
2 111
3 108
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# name spcs
1 43
2 35
3 35
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314 registered species hunters.
3250  species.
26 non recognized species.
20 hybrids.
420  fly caught.
633 species on target lists.
183 pictures of zwoonzels.