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Theo Modder 826 species(fb)
+1 non recognized(nr)
+4 hybrids(hy)
189 caught in fresh water
635 caught in salt water
3 not(yet)specified
8 targets
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Interview with Theo Modder

How did your hunt for species start?

Tough question, when I was two years old I allways joined my dad fishing and searching for peewit eggs in the polder.
The fishing stayed. I allways liked catching several species on a day, but found out some years ago that I am a specieshunter.

What is your coolest species and how dit you catch it?

Roosterfish, caught in Mexico, 50 pounds of TNT !!!

Do you ever go abroad to catch new species?

When I go abroad I sometimes have a targetfish and otherwise I try to catch as many species as possible.

Which books or websites do you use to look op your fishspecies.

I‘ve got some books but use the internet most, Fishbase.

Do you have a fishing buddy who likes specieshunting?

Untill recently I did not know people as crazy as me, but now I know there are a few even more outworldly then me.

How often do you visit

A few times a week.

What are the most important items that a species hunter needs when fishing.

Fishingrod and a camera.

What was your best specieshunting trip/mission?

Update : My most succesfull trip ever was my recent Florida roadtrip.
OK, I fished 3 and a half week, my longest vacation ever, but the results were there : 100 fishspecies, of wich 70 new to me !!!
Bringing me to a whopping 700 species !!!

What was your worst trip/mission?

I haven‘t really had a disastertrip, but if you target a rare specie you may need several trips before you catch um.

Which websites do you visit tot study catch reports?

I click around the world.

What are your planned trips for the future?

Planning is not my strongest side, I go with the flow.

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334 registered species hunters.
3342  species.
27 non recognized species.
20 hybrids.
421  fly caught.
645 species on target lists.
185 pictures of zwoonzels.