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Michael Lee Berg 521 species(fb)
+19 non recognized(nr)
+6 hybrids(hy)
432 caught in fresh water
96 caught in salt water
23 targets
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Interview with Michael Lee Berg

How did your hunt for species start?

My family kept a record of the largest fish caught for each species by a family member. The fish species had to be able to get 5 inches long. My brothers & I started this in the late 1970‘s.

What is your coolest species and how dit you catch it?

Thats a hard question, for freshwater I would have to say the American Grayling, it has to be the pritiest fish.

For saltwater the Swordfish or White Marlin I caught off Mexico, I love billfish, but unfortunitly its seems I lost all photos of them in a flood, along with some other cherist photographs of fish.

Do you ever go abroad to catch new species?

Yes when I was a kid we went to Taiwan in 1977, we caught tilapia there that were hybrids of Mozambique Tilapia and Nile Tilapia. Not sure how to post them.

As an adult I always look for what new species of fish I can catch on our vacations. Besides traveling arond the United States, I‘ve been to England, Ireland, Canada, & Mexico.

Which books or websites do you use to look op your fishspecies.

Peterson Field Guide to Freshwater Fish is my favorite, but I have a lot of other books I use too for different regions.

Do you have a fishing buddy who likes specieshunting?

My brother Tom

How often do you visit

Just joined

What are the most important items that a species hunter needs when fishing.

Travel rod, and good camera

What was your best specieshunting trip/mission?

Fishing on Laugh Melvin in Ireland, I was looking for the three species of trout there and I caught them all that day. Unfortunately the Gillaroo Trout I caught was only 7 inches long and I did not feel it was worth a photo at the time. I regret that now.

What was your worst trip/mission?

I‘ve been skunked a few times, but any time on the water is still a good day.

Which websites do you visit tot study catch reports?

Started looking at this one.

What are your planned trips for the future?

I am going to Kentucky for a NANFA convention, in May. They mostly use nets but there are a few of us that like using micro fishing gear.

Also I hope to go somewhere good for my 25th anniversary, the wife expects me to go fishing a few times now.

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334 registered species hunters.
3331  species.
27 non recognized species.
20 hybrids.
421  fly caught.
640 species on target lists.
185 pictures of zwoonzels.