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Non recognized species of fish


Non recognized species of fish caught sofar:

species dutch english nr of anglers
Ameiurus natalis marmoratus(nr)Southern Brown Bullhead2(who?)
Carassius auratus auratus mutation1(nr)Fantail Goldfish 2(who?)
Catostomus utawana sp1(nr)Elk Lake Sucker1(who?)
Cyprinus carpio mutation 4(nr)Rijenkarper6(who?)
Cyprinus carpio mutation1 (nr)KoiKoi10(who?)
Cyprinus carpio mutation2 (nr)LederkarperLeather Carp 2(who?)
Cyprinus carpio mutation3(nr)Spiegelkarper Mirror Carp 24(who?)
Esox lucius mutation2(nr)Silver Northern Pike 1(who?)
Esox masquinongy immaculatus(nr)Clear muskie1(who?)
Esox masquinongy masquinongy(nr)Spotted Muskie1(who?)
Esox masquinongy ohioensis(nr)Barred Muskie1(who?)
Etheostoma nigrum sp1(nr)Scaly Darter 1(who?)
Etheostoma spectabile sp1(nr)Ozark Darter4(who?)
Etheostoma stigmaeum sp1(nr)Longhunt Darter1(who?)
Ictalurus punctatus mutation(nr)Albino Channel Catfish 2(who?)
Labidesthes vanhyningi (nr)Golden silverside1(who?)
Lepomis macrochirus mystacalis(nr)Coppernose Bluegill6(who?)
Notropis sp undescribed1(nr)Sawfin Shiner1(who?)
Oncorhynchus mykiss irideus(nr)Steelhead Trout11(who?)
Oncorhynchus mykiss Kamloops(nr)Kamloops Trout4(who?)
Oncorhynchus mykiss mutation(nr)GoudforelPalomino Trout 9(who?)
Percina evides sp1(nr)Ozark gilt darter1(who?)
Pimephales promelas mutation(nr)Rosy Red Minnow1(who?)
Salmo salar sebago(nr)Sebago Salmon1(who?)
Xenotoca variata sp1(nr)Lake Cuitzeo Jeweled Splitfin1(who?)

# name species
1 Michael Lee Berg 25
2 Theo Modder 8
3 Pieter Beelen 7
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all times:
# name species
1 Theo Modder 636
2 Miciah McNelius 576
3 Ton Nientied 512
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unique species:
# name species
1 Sebastian van Koningshoven 116
2 Mikhail Skopets 78
3 Theo Modder 76
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caught on fly:
# name species
1 Michael Lee Berg 111
2 Remko Verspui 109
3 Mikhail Skopets 108
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239 registered species hunters.
2923  species.
25 non recognized species.
17 hybrids.
385  fly caught.
543 species on target lists.
159 pictures of zwoonzels.